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About WA Yachting Consultants
Waterrecreatie Advies (WA Yachting Consultants) was founded in 1998 and is specialised in yachting, marina and waterfront development. Our fields of expertise comprise:

  • Yachting network analysis and development
  • Marina concept development
  • Sketch designs including functional layout
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Marina operation and
  • Ecological issues (eg European Bird and Habitat Directives)

Yachting is our daily business. Clients include marina operators and project developers, national, provincial and municipal governments,  yachting industry, boating and leisure associations, architects and urban planners and other consultancy companies. WA Yachting Consultants frequently works together with other companies, contributing our specialist know-how and practical yachting experience.

About our founder
Reinier Steensma is a yachting development consultant with over 30 years of experience, and a yachtsman. He studied naval architecture and then pursued Business Administration at Nyenrode Business University.

After completing his studies, Reinier Steensma was Senior Buyer at Amels Holland, one of the exclusive mega-yacht builders in the Netherlands. Following this he was Managing Director of Flevo Marina in Lelystad, one of the largest full-service marinas in the Netherlands. During his time with Flevo Marina, he was Chairman of the ICOMIA Marina Facilities Committee on behalf of the Dutch Boating Industry Association HISWA and organized the first International Marina Conference in Amsterdam in 1993.

With seven years of practical experience as a marina operator, he gained increasing interest in spatial planning aspects and the future development of yachting. In 1993 he became Managing Director of the Stichting Waterrecreatie IJsselmeer en Randmeren, a joint committee of the Holland Marine Industry Association (HISWA) , the the Royal Dutch Yachting Union (KNWV), the Dutch Association for Sailing Charter Vessels (BBZ), the Association of Entrepreneurs in Leisure in the Netherlands (RECRON) and the Dutch Association of Recreational Fishing (Sportvisserij Nederland).  

After 15 years in the industry, Reiner Steensma founded WA Yachting Consultants in 1998. Since then he has delivered over 250 yachting, marina and waterfront development projects -- from conducting yachting market research to creating strategies for yachting networks across regions.

About Waterfronts NL
In 2010 WA Yachting Consultants was one of the founding members of Waterfronts NL -- a group of Dutch companies with expertise in marina development, waterfront design, engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, and supplies. Our team has worked together on dozens of waterfront projects worldwide, applying a proven integrated approach to waterfront development. We share knowledge and information on excellence in waterfront development to promote high quality waterfront and marina development.
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