Converting Amsterdam's Canal Cruises to Electric

Amsterdam's canal cruises are very popular year round. Approximately 3 million tourists take Amsterdam's 237 registered canal cruises annually, where 93 of them are the well-known large "glass boats". Amsterdam is considering converting all of its canal cruises to electric.

Additionally to the canal boats, there are almost 39 classic saloon boats, 77 sloops and a variety of city tenders, water taxis and classic barges.



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Yachting and other water-based recreational activities experienced a big change since Covid

Covid and the war in Ukraine changed the world. It also effects the entire water sports industry: yachting, marinas, surfing and other water-based recreational activities. Before Covid, countries with a strong nautical history, such as the Netherlands and the UK, experienced drops in the number of boats.


Yachting development in the Netherlands in 2030, 2040 and 2050

As part of its national effort to conduct a market and capacity analysis for its waterways, the Netherlands governmental agency “Rijkswaterstaat” (National Water Board) has engaged WA Yachting Consultants to produce a projection for the growth of recreational water sports in 2030, 2040 and 2050.


New website and more

Introducing our new website. But there is more behind this transformation: the ambitions of WA Yachting Consultants to share our knowledge about yachting and waterfront development in the Netherlands and beyond.