WA Yachting Consultants and Waterfronts NL deliver creative solutions in Europe, China & Africa

Yachting and other water-based recreational activities have seen a dramatic change over the last decade.

Water sports -- including yachting, surfing and other water-based recreational activities -- have seen a dramatic change over the last decade. Countries with strong nautical histories, such as the Netherlands and the UK, are experiencing drops in the number of boats on and in the water. This trend can partially be explained by the financial downturn, but the declining cost of air travel and the draw of sun destinations has also had a strong impact.

The water sports industry failed at attracting young people. The image of water sports as a "slow" activity must be overcome for the industry to compete with the draw of party destinations. To change its image the industry will need to get creative and build a programme around water sports that is interesting to travellers and helps water sports stand out amongst all the travel choices on offer for Europeans.

WA Yachting Consultants along with its Waterfronts NL partners have put together a strategy to help the water sports industry adapt to these changes. The strategy explores current market trends for the travel industry, and applies these to the water sports industry. The strategy includes specific building blocks which companies can tailor to their local circumstances, and provides a SWOT analysis of how six specific locations in northwest Europe and the UK could apply these learning’s.

Emerging markets, however seem to be bucking this trend, with water sports on the rise. The emerging middle class has expendable income, and no longer only needs the water for fishing and freight. Waterfronts NL has been more and more active in Africa and Asia, where recreational water sports are becoming increasingly popular. Recently Waterfronts NL partner Royal HaskoningDHV along with WA Yachting Consultants have been working on a marina and waterfront in Walvis Bay, Namibia, and a vision for yachting and the yachting industry in Xiamen, China.

This integrated and cooperative approach of sharing knowledge and working together can deliver creative solutions across all sorts of yachting industry needs, all over the world.

View Strategic vision for the Yachting Industry (Netherlands, Belgium, France, England) 

View Walvis Bay project (Namibia)

View Xiamen project (China)


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