New website and more

Introducing our new website. But there is more behind this transformation: the ambitions of WA Yachting Consultants to share our knowledge about yachting and waterfront development in the Netherlands and beyond.

When we spoke to our clients and other people we've worked with over the years, they described WA Yachting Consultants as the knowledge centre on yachting, water sports and aquatic facilities in the Netherlands. But we were not satisfied with how this knowledge was being shared. After nearly 25 years of research and more than 250 projects for governments, provinces, municipalities, the yachting industry, marinas, interest groups and developers at home and abroad, we wanted to improve access to our knowledge. We had published a lot on our old website, but it was not easy to find and the relationship between projects was not always clear. With current technology in websites, there was room for improvement. As we started to build our new website, our true ambition became clear: to be a kind of encyclopedia, an ‘open source’ on yachting and water sport activities in The Netherlands. In return we ask for an honest acknowledgment from people who use the data found on this website

What does sharing so much of our intellectual property mean for our business model? We hope it means clients  better understand who we are and what we do

Searching this site
Each project has tags which you can search by main activities, specialties, and client types. Many Dutch and some English projects include downloadable PDFs of the report or research. You can also enter a keyword above.

WA Yachting Consultants often works at the beginning stages of the development process. We create concepts, advise on opportunities (SWOTs), conduct feasibility studies and can work together with engineering firms and architects. But we are often not part of the realization phase. To help illustrate the end results of our front end work, we have added "Updates"  to show how initial ideas grew into reality. Additional information is welcome -- please send us an email if you have an update related to one of our projects you would like us to publish or share.

Domestic vs. International
Within The Netherlands, we are known as Waterrecreatie Advies, and internationally we operate under the name WA Yachting Consultants. The Dutch-language version of this website includes mostly our domestic projects, and has  more projects and updates than our English-language website. The English-language version of this site provides information on our international projects for foreigners and special projects in the Netherlands we think interesting to highlight. You can also visit the site of Waterfronts NL for more information on our international activities and partners.

We hope this website will further grow into a knowledge epicenter when it comes to water sports, marinas and the whole yachting industry. That knowledge is now partly accessible and free for everyone. The website will continue to be filled with our over 250 projects. It is a digital book where we hope you enjoy reading and can learn something from. In the meantime, we will continue our work,  on our own or together with partnering companies.


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Yachting development in the Netherlands in 2030, 2040 and 2050

As part of its national effort to conduct a market and capacity analysis for its waterways, the Netherlands governmental agency “Rijkswaterstaat” (National Water Board) has engaged WA Yachting Consultants to produce a projection for the growth of recreational water sports in 2030, 2040 and 2050.


WA Yachting Consultants and Waterfronts NL deliver creative solutions in Europe, China & Africa

Yachting and other water-based recreational activities have seen a dramatic change over the last decade.


Converting Amsterdam's Canal Cruises to Electric

Amsterdam's canal cruises are very popular year round. Approximately 3 million tourists take Amsterdam's 237 registered canal cruises annually. Amsterdam is considering converting all of its canal cruises to electric.