Yachting infrastructure and development in Fengxian, China

In 2006 WA Yachting Consultants, Royal HaskoningDHV and SUBDI, the Shanghai Urban Planning & Design Research Institute, delivered a Yachting Industry Master Plan for Fengxian. It is an excellent example of the opportunities and difficulties often encountered in China.

Fengxian is a district in Shanghai province and stretches between Huangpu River and Hangzhou Bay. The Jinhui River connects Huangpu River and Hangzhou Bay and has locks at both sides. Halfway down Jinhui River is the town of Jinhui. 

Fengxian water system plan

Fengxian lock Huangpu River  Fengxian lock Hangzhou Bay

In 2006, several important developments were underway in Fengxian. A new yachting industrial area for the yacht building industry was planned in the south end of Jinhui River including a connection to Hangzhou Bay. In Jinhui Town there were plans for a new waterfront including a marina. Nearby, in Nanqiao, there were plans for a resort and waterfront including water sports facilities. At the Hanzhou Bay side of the Jinhui River is the Bihai Jinsha Amusement park, an important beach for Shanghai residents in the centre of 3 large enclosed water basins. The most western basin was already used for water sports -- jet skiing, sailing, canoeing, water bicycling, etc. So the stage was set for Fengxian to become an important centre for water sports.

Jinhui Town development  Bihai Jinsha Park and Beach

Our vision
Because of intensive commercial shipping on Jinhui River, we suggested using the canals around and next to Jinhui Town for yachting and day trips. Those canals were not being used by boats at the time, only for fishing. Almost every canal, river or lake in China is used by cargo vessels transporting goods or by fishermen. For yachting you need some extra space and preferably clean water.

Fengxian  in the Netherlands

The third basin next to the Bihai Jinsha Park had clean water and was already used for different kinds of waters sports. There was enough space for more yachting activities. It was enclosed, not tidal, and therefore safe, which is also important in China.

Bihai Jinsha - Yachting basin

Though it is difficult to force yacht builders to concentrate in a specific area, China is different, so we hoped the plan works. If it happens, the southern lock of Jinhui River could be upgraded and allow yachts to pass to the sea and back (trials, export, maintenance and service). When realized, the third basin and the projected new marina could be connected to the outgoing canal and from there to Hangzhou Bay by a lock as shown above.  

All these ideas were included in the Fengxian Yachting Industry Master Development Plan in September 2006. If you search ‘Fengxian yachting’ in Google, you end up with our 2006 plans, so has nothing happened since? If you try Fengxian on Google Earth, you can see developments since 2006. If someone can give us an update of the situation in Fengxian we would appreciate that and publish it.

In 2016 we welcomed a delegation from Shaoxing in our Waterfronts NL office in Lelystad. Visitors from the Pearl River Delta (PRD) are announced. It is not easy in China, that is why we are there (since 2003).


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Shanghai Yachting Master Plan

The Shanghai Yachting Industry Master Plan was the inaugural project of WA Yachting Consultants in China. In 2003, WA was invited by Royal HaskoningDHV to team up with other Dutch specialists, including Waterfront NL partner KuiperCompagnons. Yachting pioneers in China like Yang Xinfa and Alistair Skinner were interviewed.

Dalian Yachting Master Plan

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Xiamen Yachting Industry Development Plan, China

In spring 2014, Royal HaskoningDHV and WA Yachting Consultants were commissioned to create a short and long term development plan for the optimization of the entire existing yachting industry chain in Xiamen, China.

Breskens - a hotspot for sailors

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Qingdao Waterfront Development

Qingdao was the second project of WA Yachting Consultants China. Together with DHV Group and Inter Boat Marinas, the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Venue Master Plan was reviewed for consistency with the IOC and ISAF standards. The team developed plans for post-Olympic integration with the wider waterfront re-development of Qingdao.

Yachting opportunities in Jinji Lake, Suzhou, China

In 2005 WA Yachting Consultants and DHV completed the Jinji Lake Yachting Master Plan. Jinji Lake is situated west of Shanghai in the middle of the famous Suzhou Industrial Park. In order to allow for yachting development, the lake has been dredged to create 3 meters of water depth.

Shenzhen Yachting Strategy

Over the last 30 years, Shenzhen has grown from a modest fishing village into a global port city with over 10 million inhabitants. As a relatively young city neighboring the city of Hong Kong, Shenzhen has focused its energy on developing its water tourism industry.

Yacht Valley Strategic Vision

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Walvis Bay Waterfront and Marina, Namibia

Walvis Bay is a unique settlement 1400 km north of Cape Town. The natural features of the area, thriving sea life, and pleasant atmosphere of the community make Walvis Bay a special place.

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Galernaya Gavan, St. Petersburg, Russia

Together with CRATE Architects the opportunities for a marina in the Galernaya Gavan were assessed. In this area the historic remains can be found of the first shipyard of tsar Peter I the Great (1672-1725). Because of its history it is a valuable cultural site.

Montenegro Marina Development

WA Yachting Consultants was invited by an international Investment Group to Montenegro to assess yachting and marina opportunities along the coast, make recommendations regarding marina development, and to provide initial concept designs for two selected sites.

'End of life' boats in the Netherlands

Study that outlines current trends, reports on the number of boats in the Netherlands, in water and on land (500,000+) and estimates the current and projected number of End of Life Boats (ELBs) -- retired and abandoned boats.

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WA Yachting Consultants was invited in 2022 to come to Jeju Island in South Korea and deliver a Quick Scan of the marine tourism industry opportunities. Jeju Island is a famous tourism destination with, before Corona, about 15 million tourists per year.